Services Offered


Services are available for adult, adolescents 5-years of age and older, and family counseling for those who are experiencing challenges. Mrs. Harper has a broad range of clinical interests and primarily works with anxiety, depression, women's issues, adjustment issues, identity issues, stress-related challenges and with self-esteem development.  


Harper's Heart offers social skills and development groups for adolescents and adults based on the seven essential life skills to improve communication, focus, and self-direction.


In-home counseling services are offered to struggling families with children that enable families to become more independent and offer parenting suggestions to support consistency and growth during the counseling process. 


Acknowledgment and Jurat services are offered for a nominal fee. To perform an acknowledgment and/or Jurat, the signer must personally appear at the time of notarization to declare that the signature on the documents is their own and that they signed willingly.


Harper's Heart Counseling understands the delicate balance of learning and development and provides a parent and child interactive platform to strengthen the bonds between parent and child and Individual play therapy.


Clients are provided with a list of community referrals as needed to address their needs including applications for specific financial assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, transportation assistance programs, and supportive educational information.