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Areas of Expertise

Counseling Approach

My philosophy of helping is grounded in an integrative interactive approach to the therapeutic paradigm and is proven to be the most effective in improving the client outcome. As a counseling professional, I can appreciate the eclectic pillars of different clinical practices. Moreover, the evolution within the field of behavioral sciences concentrates on the five domains of 1. biological, 2. cognitive, 3. developmental, 4. social, and personality, and 5. Mental and physical that enhance the holistic self. I aim to uplift the uniqueness of each client and promote the autonomy of every client. I use techniques that range from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Person-Centered Therapy. I offer a safe and expressive environment with the deepest empathy. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (C-DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a modulated treatment approach that is beneficial for several diagnostic criteria including personality disorders. This work requires homework between sessions and a deep commitment from the client on reaching his or her goals.  DBT is a four-stage approach to assist with emotional re-learning and healing. 

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CATP)

Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) is an evidence-based treatment found to help children, adolescents, and their parents (or other caregivers) overcome trauma-related challenges. TF-CBT helps children cope with unsettling negative cognitions to increase their quality of life.

Office Policies & General Information
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Office Policies and General Information

Severe Weather and Emergency Conditions

During times of “Acts of God” of hazardous conditions; Harpers Heart counseling will not provide in-person services. If the weather permits sessions will be held via secure video link. If the weather conditions are dangerous for both in-person and telehealth then All sessions are canceled on that day or re-scheduled.

Good Faith Estimates

Lanetta Harper DBA Harper’s Heart Counseling is compliant under section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act, health care providers, and health care facilities. Harper’s Heart Counseling provides a good faith estimate of expected charges for items and services for, who are not enrolled in a plan or coverage or a federal health care program, or not seeking to file with their insurance company. This estimate will be provided in either orally, or written form. Lanetta Harper DBA Harper’s Heart Counseling will ask at the time of scheduling if you intend to use Insurance, self-pay, or any variations in payment for services.

Court Ordered, DHR Referred, Mandated Clients.

The therapist is hired to provide counseling services Only. All court case questions and concerns should be forwarded to; Law enforcement, Case Mediators, Guardian Ad Litem, Investigators, The Department of Human Resources DHR, Social Workers, and Appropriate parties. Lanetta Harper dba Harper's Heart Counseling does not offer or provide legal advice nor state or imply any expert witness.

U.S Department of Veteran Affairs

Military officials, family members, or retirees are required to have a SEOC and Referral number on file with the specifications of services provided. The veteran's department requires coordination of care with the client's notes, assessments, tests/labs procedure reports faxed to update the Veterans files to the referring VA facility. Clients can request to see where the files are faxed or emailed. NO services can be billed to the VA unless authorization is on file. Veterans receiving services without a referral are responsible for the full-service fees due at the time of service.

Social Media Policy

Lanetta Harper dba Harper’s heart Counseling understands and respects your privacy. I do not accept a friend or contact requests from former or current clients over ANY social media platform (Facebook,

Tiktok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). It is important to maintain the therapeutic relationship and boundaries within the relationship. Additionally, please do not contact me through any social media platform as social media is not HIPPA Compliant secured feel free to discuss your concerns at any time regarding this policy.

Office Privacy and Office Conduct, & Confidentiality

It is forbidden to audio record, video record, take pictures, or photos while inside of the office building, suite, or around the office. Visitors are forbidden to take pictures of guests waiting in the lobby and or post to any public platform. This is a direct violation of client privacy and confidentiality. Clients are strongly encouraged NOT to post or re-post private information up to and including said items above. Possible litigation can be brought against you by additional parties in which the violator is solely responsible. Lanetta Harper dba Harper’s Heart Counseling is not held liable.

Public Reviews and Opinions

Clients have a right to express their concerns in a private confidential setting. While you may find my business online it is not a request for reviews and the client is strongly encouraged not you utilize this platform as it could violate your privacy and confidentiality. I will not respond to your reviews to maintain your privacy.

Tracking Device

Be mindful of any location-based tracking device as this can violate your privacy and confidentiality by posting to social media your specific location. Posting or responding on your phone, lives, streaming services, etc. that you are putting yourself at risk and therefore take sole responsibility for your actions.

Text Messages, Emails, Phone calls

I understand that crises can occur; however, Harper’s Heart Counseling is a Non-Medical counseling office only and therefore does NOT offer medical services of any kind. During times of crisis please call the local crisis center at 205-323-7777. Communication is better suited during office hours only and is welcome to be shared during your normal regular counseling sessions. I will contact clients via text message regarding scheduling, requesting a phone call but will not attempt to hold a counseling session via text message or email. Emails are labeled as Private information and addressed to that specific person for the sake of communication. In counseling, all forms of communication take into consideration behaviors. Inappropriate text messages, emails, and or phone call transcripts will be placed in your client file. Serious threats, abuse, or harassment are taken seriously and can be used in court or with the police.

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