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Social Media Policies

Social Media Policy

Lanetta Harper dba Harper’s Heart Counseling understands and respects your privacy. I do not accept a friend or contact requests from former or current clients over ANY social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.). It is important to maintain the therapeutic relationship and boundaries within the relationship. Feel free to discuss your concerns at any time regarding this policy.


All Other Interaction

To secure your privacy and confidentiality, I will not approach you in public and strongly encourage you not to initiate conversations in public. Additionally, please do not contact me through any social media platform as social media is not HIPPA Compliant secured. The counselor will not accept communication from family members not on file by any means including through email. Conduct is an essential component of behavioral health; and therefore, any misconduct in behaviors through any method of communication will be documented and held in your files. Lanetta Harper dba Harper’s Heart Counseling will not search for clients via any form of a search engine as this is a violation of your privacy. 

Office Privacy and Office Conduct, & Confidentiality

It is forbidden to audio record, video record, take pictures, or photos while inside of the office building, suite, or around the office. Visitors are forbidden to take pictures of guests waiting in the lobby and or posting to any public platform. This is a direct violation of client privacy and confidentiality. Clients are strongly encouraged not to post or repost private information up to and including said items above. Possible litigation can be brought against you by additional parties in which the violator is solely responsible. Lanetta Harper dba Harper’s Heart Counseling is not held liable.


Public Reviews and Opinions

Clients have a right to express their concerns in a private confidential setting. While you may find my business online it is not a request for reviews and the client is strongly encouraged not you utilize this platform as it could violate your privacy and confidentiality. I will not respond to your reviews to maintain your privacy. 

Tracking Device

Be mindful of any location-based tracking device as this can violate your privacy and confidentiality by posting to social media your specific location. Posting or responding on your phone, lives, streaming services, etc. that you are putting yourself at risk and therefore take sole responsibility for your actions.


Services are available for adult, adolescents 5-years of age and older, and family counseling for those who are experiencing challenges. Mrs. Harper has a broad range of clinical interests and primarily works with anxiety, depression, women's issues, adjustment issues, identity issues, stress-related challenges and with self-esteem development.  


Harpers Heart Counseling offers substance abuse evaluations to establish if the person meets the requirements for substance abuse disorder. The evaluative process is used to create individualized evidence-based treatment options and for referrals to in-patient detox treatment.


In-home counseling services are offered to struggling families with children that enable families to become more independent and offers parenting suggestions to support the consistency and growth during the counseling process.